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Hogwarts 1977


A Marauders Era RP
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The year is 1976, the 'marauders' seventh year. There are hushed and ignored whispers of war. A war that some are aware of, but many don't take heed to. After all, who would really try and overthrow all that He Who Must Not Be Named will? Hogwarts, and much of Europe is still living in a blissful ignorance. Children are going to school, parents are making plans, and dreams are being born. Only here and there are people being affected. An uncle has gone missing, a cousin got a strange tattoo...

To most however, it's just another year at Hogwarts

1. Respect
It's just seven little letters that if everyone followed, no other rules would be needed. Please understand that your take on this canon, is not the only take. Respect other characters, muns, and mods. If you have a problem, please handle it out of the game, and if it's too much, contact the mods. We're here for a reason, even if that's not our favorite one.

2. Common Sense
Once again, if this was all we needed, then the world would be a better place. Have a question about a thread? PM the other player, have a question about the game? PM/IM the mods.

3. God Modding
Don't do it.
If it's happening to you, please politely PM the other player, if it continues? Contact the mod.

Right now, that's it. If problems arise, the mods will add more, but we will not be happy campers. Remember this is a very laid back setting, and we're all here to have fun.

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